The Wooden House by mmpstudio in the natural park of the River Sile

A building with simple but traditional and natural lines in the use of materials

by Malcolm Clark
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Venetian architects mmpstudio martinelli monti pesavento have built a Wooden house in Silea (TV), in the Natural Park of the River Sile. The project was guided by environmental constraints, by the shape of the lot, by ecology and by the archetype rural house.

We wanted a simple building in terms of its lines, but traditional and natural in the use of materials, built using techniques that involve the least possible environmental impact” say the three designers.

The windows on the south façade allow maximum winter sun exposure using the sun as a natural heat source, whereas, in the summer, the shade of the pergola protects the house from the summer heat. The northern-most closed façade and the skylights create a “chimney” ventilation effect permitting effective air circulation.

The bearing structure is made of X-LAM coupled with wood fibre insulation plastered to achieve energy-saving class A. The asymmetrical sloped roof has flat terracotta tiles, the materials are eco-friendly. Larch was used as the only material for window and door frames and wall coverings. At the entrance, in the centre of the living area, a grey quartzite floor cut with slits defines the geometric volume that surrounds the staircase and the services.

Regarding the furniture, the focus was on the combination of the essential design pieces, some made by artisans, such as the natural iron and stone table in the study, the black leather sofa, the cabinets, the dining table and the lantern lamps of the double height hall.

    Wooden house 27

    Wooden house

    Silea / Italy / 2011