Reusing post-consumer waste materials

KaCaMa Design Lab's creations

by Serena L. Rosato
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DESIGN_ KaCaMa Design Lab is a Hong Kong-based product designers who specializes in reusing post-consumer waste materials. They hope their product not only can delight people’s lives and instill eco-awareness in its users, but also can establish contact with local enterprises, handcraft men and local cultures.

Here below they present us some of their brilliant creations. 


PP Capsule

P Capsule - a reborn of PP plastic cap into a flexible beanbag chair for living rooms. With the great craftsmanship supported by local seamstresses, one PP Capsule up-cycling 4,000 plastic caps, wrapping them in eco-friendly fabrics and turning it into a common furniture with care and love to the community and our environment. 

Bottle caps are removed and discarded prior to the recycling of plastic or glass bottles and most refuse companies require you to remove the bottle cap before putting the bottle in your recycling box.

This recycled polymer (from INNOVASA) cover used post-consumer PET bottles and post industrial waste which requires less energy to produce than virgin polyester. While recycled poly is not the answer to cradle-to-cradle outerwear-yet, it is the most sustainable fiber that exists in the outerwear industry today.


Colour of waste

Food tints on our clothes are not easy to wash away. We are inspired to derive natural dyes from food for cloth dyeing. In the pseudo-intravenous injection device, the infusion bag is filled with natural food dyes made of leftovers. Different patterns are then formed on the cloth. 


Living pixels

Taking recycled advertising banners as the project’s starting point; the designers gave a unique three-dimensionality to the material by cutting it into small pieces and combining them together to create interesting volumes of light and texture.

The designers focused their efforts by creating each light shade individually and specifically for each stand, selecting the right banners, sorting out matching colors and sewing each patch by hand to build the perfect irregular shape. 

As the banners are printed in one side only, the lamps appear to be white and pale when switch off, but the plain appearance radically changes onece the lamps are lighted on the colors emerge from the inside. 





Photo ©  KaCaMa Design Lab 

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    PP Capsule 5

    PP Capsule

    Hong Kong / 2013

    Colour of waste 1

    Colour of waste

    Hong Kong / 2013

    Living pixels 4

    Living pixels

    Hong Kong / 2013