The Business Garden Hotel by Studio Fuksas in Warsaw

Soft curved lines create a sculptural volume

by Malcolm Clark
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The Business Garden Warszawa Hotel complex consists of 7 buildings (offices, shops, hotels, conference centres) covering an area of over 90,000 m2, located in the vicinity of the Żwirki i Wigury, which links the international airport to Warsaw city centre. Its position guarantees a privileged access to public transport services.

Studio Fuksas designed Building 1, which houses various functions, a hotel with 206 rooms on 5 floors, a conference centre with about 800 seats, a centre for events, retail spaces, a restaurant, a café, offices and 280 parking spaces. All functions are distributed around an open space on the ground floor, a nodal point from which the various sectors can be accessed, organized so that they can be used separately or, where appropriate, together.

The front that opens onto the park on the first floor has a large “green” terrace, located in front of the restaurant and can be used for all events connected to the hotel and the congress centre. The maximum height of the complex is 25 m, spread over a maximum of 5 floors. The 3 upper floors jut out over the 2 lower ones to create a sort of platform that, running the length of the building, protects guests, visitors or shoppers from the rain and snow.

The basic idea of the complex is to show the different functions to be integrated in the design process, in the uniqueness of the sculptural volume, while the exterior is influenced by the urban landscape of the city and, above all, by the Wisniowy Garden Park. The fronts facing the street are linear, unlike those that look out onto the park that have smooth curves.

The common theme of the interior design is the use of colour to define the rooms thus creating the right atmosphere. Colours with a strong shade alternate between the various levels to distinguish the reception area and common areas as well as the individual rooms. The path of the corridors of the hotel is characterized by a play of colours and sizes. On the lateral walls there are growing protrusions that take on the shape of separated steps which gradually narrow the visual field up to the end of the path. The dimensional effect is highlighted by a colourful pattern that is repeated all along the path, thus reshaping the perception of the space in an artistic way.

    Business Garden Warszawa Hotel 20

    Business Garden Warszawa Hotel

    Varsavia / Poland / 2013