The thirteen chairs that were never painted in Leonardo's 'Last Supper'

19th October - 1st December 2013 @ MAC Lissone

by Valentina Ieva
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1: 13 the thirteen chairs is an exhibit about the famous masterpiece The Last Supper, by Leonardo Da Vinci. Many other artists have interpreted the famous scene during history, and this time 13 designers were called to look beyond the scene and imagine the thirteen -never seen before- seats of Jesus and the Apostles. Each designer gave his own interpretation of the symbolic connection between one of the Saints and his chair, with creativity and the due respect.

Intus et In Cute, the seat relative to the apostle Bartholomew by CTRLZAK

Twelve designers have been selected to represent the new Italian generation. While in the middle of the scene we’ve chosen to set a very charismatic and important personality of the design history: Alessandro Guerriero, the founder of Alchimia, who’ll be celebrated for his amazing and prolific 70 years.

The RIGHT chair by JoeVelluto

The exhibit preview took place during the Milan Design Week in April with sketches and ideas. During the past months all those materials took shapes inside the craftsman workshops in Lissone.

The torture-chair as St. Andrew chair by Brian Sironi

The 13 chairs will thus be revealed in October, together with contributions of 13 photographers and 13 critics, who offered their interpretations of each project.

Vincent n*5 chair by Alberto Biagetti

Kefa chair by Alessandro Marelli, that represents the apostle Peter

The “Ad  Lucem – Towards the Light” chair, dedicated to the apostle John, by Elena Salmistraro - photo by Mirta Kokalj

Sedio by Alessandro Guerriero

DESIGNER: Alberto Biagetti, PG Bonsignore, CTRLZAK, Lorenzo Damiani, ghigos ideas, Alessandro Guerriero, GumDesign, JoeVelluto, Alessandro Marelli, Elena Salmistraro, Brian Sironi, Sovrappensiero, Alessandro Zambelli.       

Sedersi Ovunque, chair of St. Thomas by Lorenzo Damiani

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Eleonora Agostini, Carolina Amoretti, Sergio Andretti, Alessandro Branca, Eleonora Cristin, Davide Di Tria, Max Falsetta Spina, Mirta Kokalj, Carmen Mitrotta, Occhiomagico, Giorgia Rizzo, Giulio Storti, Robyola Von Wünsch, Simone Zanatta.

Ascesa chair by Ghigos Ideas

CRITICS: Stefano Caggiano, Valentina Croci, Ali Filippini, Beppe Finessi, Paolo Floretta, Fabio Greco, Stefano Maffei, Roberto Marone, Massimo Martignoni, Roberto Mutti, Donato Novellini, Matteo Pirola, Stefano Raimondi, Davide Rampello, Marco Romanelli, Sergio Ubbiali.

PANIEPESCI chair by Alessandro Zambelli

COMPANIES: AC, Arosio Carlo di Arosio Luca & C., arredamenti PEREGO1963, 2B di Borsato Gabriele & C., Cazzaniga Silvano Mariano Domenico, Cereda Softline, Citterio F.lli di Lucio Gianfranco & C., Dassi Albano di Dassi Fausto & C., Galbiati Natale & Figli, GD di Valter Guidetti & Stefano Dassi, GV di Villa Gianluca, M.I.A., PROMA Provasi Mobili Arredamenti, Sangalli Arredamenti di Sangalli Fabio Carlo & C., Sanvito Arredamenti di Alberto Luca e Stefano.

“Follow Me!” chair by Sovrappensiero

The chair portrait of Jude by Gum Design

Un santo diviso by PG Bonsignore

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