Architecture contest International Museum of Astronomy

A centre for Astronomical Tourism in Atacama

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COMPETITION _ Arquideas has launched the international competition International Museum of Astronomy (IMOA) in Atacama (Chile) to create a centre for lovers of Astronomical Tourism to learn and observe the sky.

The International Museum of Astronomy (IMOA) will be a focal point for international tourism interested in astronomical observation, where visitors will be able to enhance their knowledge and share experiences in an area free of light contamination, offering a unique setting to observe the stars. Light contamination is caused by the diffusion of artificial light that glows in the night sky, reducing visibility of the stars and other celestial bodies.

The International Museum of Astronomy (IMOA) will not be a traditional museum, which merely displays objects and provides information, but rather it will focus on transmitting the science of astronomy through all means available, particularly interactivity and experimentation.

The idea is to create a space that is open to public participation of all ages, a space that excites and inspires, a space that encourages perpetual curiosity.

The following prizes will be awarded to proposals that best meet the purpose of the competition:

1st Prize _ 3.750 Euros 

2nd Prize _ 1.500 Euros

3rd Prize _ 625 Euros 

The registration period falls between October 14, 2013 and January 16, 2014.

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