The claustrophobic comfort of Pod Design's Showtime House

An area inspired by a dissociative identity disorder

by Malcolm Clark
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A space inspired by a dissociative identity disorder and schizophrenia”, this is how Brooks Atwood of Pod Design defines the exhibition space The Showtime House of New York.

How do you create a unique space which houses the multiple identities of a single person? You create the subconscious. The architecture is the cavernous space of audible illusions, destined to destabilise and disorientate the traditional positions of power and perception.

The untreated plywood is meant to reflect an everyday object, something familiar and common. The sculptural shape of the material, however, is taken from its traditional context giving the impression that it is an uncomfortable cocoon, a difficult womb, a troubled mind.

The pattern created by the rhythm of the plywood ribs on a blue plane creates a sense of claustrophobic comfort accompanied by a contrary sensation of control.

Post-supervision, pre-modern, post-coital. People like to feel strange and comfortable”.

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    The United States of Tara

    New York / United States / 2010