Rocking without gravity

Sitting on Bodice Rocker by SplinterWorks

by Serena L. Rosato
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DESIGN_ Maybe you're fed up of the same old boring rocker chairs, maybe you're looking for an outstanding piece of furniture that can be both confortable and captivating...If so, you have to take a look to the new Bodice Rocker
Born out of a love for curvy silhouettes and illusion, the Bodice Rocker is a unique object that offers a number of fresh perspectives. Poised vertically it takes on an anthropomorphic sculptural form; while some viewers may perceive a bust, or derrière, others might see an arched foot among the suggestive curvaceous forms.

With a light touch, it gently rocks back and pauses in mid-air, as if weightless, inciting a double-take by seeming to defy the pull of gravity. In this position it reveals the more familiar profile of a chaise longue, albeit levitating! With a second nudge it draws to the ground where you can sit and stretch out comfortably on soft padded leather.

Bodice Rocker by SplinterWorks from SplinterWorks on Vimeo.

Like all Splinter Works pieces, the Bodice Rocker can be tailored to clients’ requirements. The rocker can be modified for a more ergonomic fit to accommodate a taller or smaller person, and scaled appropriately to suit different room sizes. 



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    Bodice Rocker

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