A union of the historical and the contemporary in the Bufi Resort

The charming narrative sequence designed by studio Veneziano+team

by Malcolm Clark
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Resort Bufi is a private house in Molfetta (BA) which was created from the passion and the meeting between Graziano Bufi and the designers Gianni Veneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio of studio veneziano+team, whose careful restoration brought back to life an ancient building in the old town centre of Molfetta on the Adriatic coast.

It is an elegant and easy to reach location protected from the frenetic town life. The Resort is a protected place open to the horizon, where the architecture accompanies what is the essence of the project inspired by the ideas of a "union" between the historical and the contemporary. It proposes a knowledgeable play of balances in the use of materials and design choices.

The dual architectural language leads the visitor through a charming narrative sequence by means of the alternation of natural stone walls typical of the territory and walls which hark back to the great designs of the architect Gianni Veneziano interpreted by means of the digital mosaic, making the intervention unique and strongly influencing it.

The signs on the wall can be considered frescoes of the digital era, “for me the mosaic is a sort of dense, infinite liquid where it is not possible to understand the beginning or the end in a numerical, cerebral, emotional representation that takes you to a new world yet to be defined. Digital Mosaic provides a sort of pop revolution with a mobile language and freedom of transposition of any form dictated by thought.”

    Resort Bufi 41

    Resort Bufi

    Molfetta / Italy / 2011