Marina di Venezia: the “camp site” according to Matteo Thun

'Bungalows' made with wood-concrete blocks covered in larch wood

by Malcolm Clark
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Matteo Thun & Partners have designed the 6,400 m2 masterplan for the renowned Patio Houses under Pines at the Camping Marina di Venezia, located beyond the Venice Lagoon. A group of 32 patio houses - the so-called “Garden Villas” - offers a contemporary interpretation of camp site bungalows, combining comfort and close contact with nature.

The project was designed in collaboration with Genius Loci: the presence of a considerable number of pine trees and the desire to save as many as possible affected both the arrangement and the layout of the bungalows, creating a botanical architecture project.

Two opposing volumes, an inner courtyard with a terrace, a lawn and the original pine trees make up each “Garden Villa”. The garden and the terrace, with shower, become an integral part of the living space and ensure a close contact with nature. Two bedrooms and a bathroom are located on one side of the garden. On the opposite side, the living area includes a kitchen and a TV corner as well as a bathroom. The roof of the terrace connects the two living spaces, protecting the guest from the sun and rain.

Thanks to large windows with double-glazing, the interiors blend with the outside. This feeling is reinforced by the continuity of interior and exterior floors made of natural stone.

The buildings are constructed with blocks of wood-concrete, a material that offers eco-friendly and at the same time a good thermal and acoustic insulation. With the sun and the wind, the outer coating made of larch wood will gradually change appearance and give an increasingly personal and distinctive appearance to the bungalows.

    Camping, Marina di Venezia 207

    Camping, Marina di Venezia

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