MVRDV's “Vertical Village” Exhibition opens on August 1st

The exhibition explores and analyses the rapid urban transformation occurring in east Asia

by Malcolm Clark
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On August 1st the successful The Vertical Village Exhibition will open in Hamburg Museum as part of the IBA Hamburg programme. The show, by MVRDV, the Why Factory and three artists/architects from Taiwan, was previously on display in Taipei and Seoul and now makes a first stop in Europe having been totally redesigned for Hamburg: a port city closely tied to Asia, and an ideal environment to discuss alternative modes of urban development to the relentless ‘Block Attack’.

The show is open to the public between August 2nd and September 29th and features a walk through the Vertical Village urban regeneration proposals, films, software, and a giant, interactive Vertical Village sculpture made of more than 80 pieces of urban furniture. On August 2nd, an international symposium on Taipei will take place.

The City of Taipei Government, the Hamburg Museum and IBA Hamburg invited MVRDV and The Why Factory to move the Vertical Village exhibition to Germany. The exhibition was redesigned into an extensive installation, where visitors can experience a walk-through, life-sized scale model of a Vertical Village composed of more than 20 ’houses’ that turn the museum itself into a village. In the famous courtyard of the historic Hamburg Museum a conceptual model of the Vertical Village is exhibited.

The exhibition seeks to provide the answers to the questions: Can we imagine a new model for the development of East Asian cities? Can these areas be densified in such a way that the qualities of the traditional village are preserved and enriched? And what could the Vertical Village concept – in principle developed as proposal for the future development of Asian cities – contribute to the discussion in a European context?

The exhibition is open to the public from 2nd August to 29th September at the Hamburg Museum

    The Vertical Village Exhibition 1

    The Vertical Village Exhibition

    Hamburg / Germany