Caneças High School in Portugal by Arx Arquitectos

A dual interpretation of the concept of learning

by Malcolm Clark
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The work of ARX Portugal Arquitectos comes within an existing school complex located near Caneças, in the outskirts of the Portuguese town of Odivelas, a territory characterized by obvious discontinuity. The project proposal for the Caneças High School was structured from the beginning according to a dual interpretation of the concept of education.

This dual interpretation results in a work built through two different approaches which communicate with each other.

The rigid nature of the existing blocks, which contain classrooms and have been designed as a “Lecorbuserian” 'learning machine', opposes to the more informal and flexible character of the new creations, which include the public spaces.

All the spaces maintain a vocation to the didactic function, each depending on the function that it was assigned, thanks to fluid organization of space that exudes an attitude to learning and creativity.

    Caneças High School 19

    Caneças High School

    Caneças / Portugal