The Domestic Work Matter by BmasC Arquitectos in Ávila

The residential building, located in the old town centre, is inspired by vernacular architecture

by Malcolm Clark
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In the old town centre of Ávila, in Spain, BmasC Arquitectos have completed the construction of the residential building Domestic Work Matter.

Located in a corner of the Church square, the building is inspired by local vernacular architecture, made of solid grey granite walls and roofing tiles. The space to work is thought of as a solid foundation built of concrete, coloured and textured, above which there is the gently leaning domestic space.

The corner of the building that faces north on the square was emptied to create a dialogue between the inside and outside and to introduce a new point of reference.

The base part, inspired by the vernacular granite plinth is made of laid concrete with formwork that reuses the corrugated roof slabs, whose shape, texture and colour is marked in the concrete.

    Domestic Work Matter 48

    Domestic Work Matter

    Ávila‎ / Spain / 2013