Vietnam: 9 spa at I-Resort by Vietnamese architects a21studio

The complex in the forest that combines retro furnishings and local construction techniques

by Malcolm Clark
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 9 spa at I-Resort is the latest project created by Vietnamese office a21studio in Nha Trang (Vietnam). The complex is organized into a set of nine independent structures which include a spa, bathrooms, swimming pools, as well as bars and restaurants.

Local materials and techniques were used, involving the local population, starting with the selection of the workforce. For nine months ninety, including carpenters, masons and local craftsmen were recruited.

The project was conceived by combining a wooden structure with local dry stone walling.

The nine structures are connected by a continuous wooden roof, merging delicately into the context and respecting the surrounding landscape.

In addition to using local materials, the interiors have been furnished with second-hand furniture, and a selection of doors of old houses clad and colour the wall behind the bar.

    9 spa at I-Resort 57

    9 spa at I-Resort

    Nha Trang / Vietnam / 2013