Berlin inaugurates the Museum for architectural drawings

Russian office Speech reinterprets the formal image of the museum space

by Malcolm Clark
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The S.Tchoban Foundation's The Museum for Architectural Drawings designed by Russian architectural firm SPEECH represents the natural evolution in formal terms and of space within the Prenlauer Berg Art district of Berlin.

The building, which is to open in early June, will house a prestigious collection of architectural drawings from all over the world, and the season will be inaugurated with the exhibition Piranesi's Paestum: Master Drawings Uncovered.

The structure consists of four massive floors floors crowned by a fifth glass block at its top. The different floors are made up of seemingly randomly stacked elements with different inclinations, giving the façade an unusual and playful appearance.

A selection of different patterns “carved” into the concrete surfaces moves and recalls graphic patterns strongly related to architectural drawings and sketches. Following the same logic of composition, articulated windows have been created to channel the natural light inside in a controlled way.

The Museum for Architectural Drawings of the Tchoban Foundation 96

The Museum for Architectural Drawings of the Tchoban Foundation

Berlin / Germany / 2013