Jacob Hashimoto at Querini Stampalia Foundation

Venice Biennale of Art 2013 will show Gas Giant

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ART - Jacob Hashimoto’s installations are made up of air, light, colour, and refined serial rhythms, and they can be characterised as architecture, painting, and sculpture. They are architectural because they are three-dimensional structures that interact with the exhibiting space and change our perception of it; sculptural because they are forms that can be appreciated in their specific plastic autonomy; painterly because they have painted surfaces and are injected with life by pure chromatic effects.

The new project that Jacob Hashimoto will present at the Querini Stampalia Foundation in Venice is titled GAS GIANT. The new big site specific installations will involve the space of the Foundation and will interact with the architecture and the viewers that will visit the show. 

The exhibition will open on the 28 May 2013 and will be visible for the entire period of the Venice Biennale of Art 2013. The Querini Stampalia Foundation is one of the most important contemporary art foundation in Italy.

The work of Jacob Hashimoto (1973, Greeley, Colorado, U.S.A.) is characterized by the use of certain stylistic elements borrowed from Japanese culture, such as kites made from bamboo and paper; Jacob reassembles these to build huge installations and interactive sculptural forms that literally invade the exhibition area. The visual complexity of his work, together with the lightness of his materials, accompany the visitors along their sensorial itinerary, one in which space-time coordinates are lost and where the visitors are enveloped in a feeling of wonder and amazement.


 Credit images: Studio la città

  • Luca Sorhands

    mi piace ,giochi che diventano scenografie architettoniche

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    I just have to say WOW for this post...I am fond of DIY ans I would surely use this post for my DYI projects....I am a mess at keeping work desks and my craft room organized but these tips will help me become more organized....I will definitely take some inspiration from your post...Cheers!