Matteo Casari interprets the 'discordant' house

A concrete and glass box in a mute relationship with the outside

by Malcolm Clark
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The private house in Urgnano (near Bergamo), designed by Matteo Casari Architetti was built on a small lot within an expanding residential area. The conditions of the project site are interpreted by discordance and none of the façades overlook outside the perimeter.

In the typological and stylistic multitude of the context, the volume of a rectangular plan oriented parallel to the main road, reduces the mute relationship with the outside to blocks.

The anthracite concrete box, raised a meter and a half off the ground, can be entered only one way: the entrance, helped also by a slight fold of the glass wall that divides the porch.

Outside, the only materials that characterize the building are concrete and glass, to which the diaphragm is delegated, not only between inside and outside, but also between the two different interiors of the house and of the porch.

The basic rectangle is juxtaposed by the pool rectangle of equal size, the only element not contained in the box.

    Abitazione privata Urgnano 188

    Abitazione privata Urgnano

    Urgnano / Italy / 2012