The Great Gatsby Inspired Art Deco

Quite possibly the most magical and decadent of all the design styles and my absolute favorite era of all time is back in vogue!

by Sarah Louise Radhanauth





























Ahead of the much anticipated release of Australian director Baz Lurhman’s The Great Gatsby, a new seductive and modern take on Art Deco is flourishing in the worlds of fashion and interiors.

In the style of silver screen starlets, magnificent ocean liners and the Jazz Age, Art Deco embraced technology while representing luxury, sophistication and exuberance. Beginning in the 1920’s in Paris and spreading world-wide by the 30’s and 40’s, this exceedingly glamorous period is still influencing design nine decades later!



















The Art Deco lifestyle boldly emphasised contrast and drama at its finest and reflected world culture and modernism. In a society that was at the height of prosperity, its graceful and stylized aesthetic was characterised by sharp contrasting colors, distinct geometric shapes, sweeping rhythmic curves, rare exotic materials, lavish ornamentation and surfaces that shimmer and shine. Deco was a celebration of all things forward thinking, flamboyant and splendid.

Today the ‘New’ Art Deco style combines modernity, opulence and eclecticism. Making the old new again is the key to this style; however, the trick is to not go overboard. Avoid turning your home into a museum by placing feature elements that are bold and striking against a neutral, muted backdrop. Sleek lines, geometric patterns, high gloss or mirrored surfaces, lacquered furniture, metallic or black and white color pallets, plush textiles and evocative lighting are all elements of this trend.





















It is easy to decorate with this distinctive style. Just as you would update your wardrobe, introducing a few key statement pieces is a simple and cost-effective way to change the look and feel of your interior. The current approach towards decorating is to layer looks and retain an essence of history within an interior. It’s no longer necessary to pick a set style or trend and stick to it. Marrying different styles together such as old with new is a fantastic way to create a unique and timeless space.

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