Tokujin Yoshioka: somewhere between furniture and sculpture

Elemental the new collection designed for Desalto

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MILAN DESIGN WEEK _ The border between furniture and sculpture is always a controversial discussion, but this time the combination of geometries created by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka for Elemental the collection, is quite close to a sculptural object.

I was fascinated about how the table shape precisely reproduces the simplicity of the first charcoal sketches. The sense of instability and uncertain balance give the piece an untouchable elegance of lines. 
I had the opportunity to talk about the concept and the creative process behind Elemental with Tokujin Yoshioka during iSaloni in Milan.

 “I took into the principle of the natural crystal structures trying to create something that is almost floating in the air. There are so many designs nowadays that it's hard find something simple and brand new.”

The heart of the project lies in the single central support for the table, a metal parallelepiped that is reminiscent in its form of the minerals and quartzes found in nature, positioned at a slant, teetering between the base and the top as though almost challenging the laws of gravity.

"My inspiration was not to design a piece of furniture rather to create some sculptural piece which could exist in a living environment. At the first impression it looks like floating, but internally they research the structure and the mechanism that makes it very stable”.

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