Rough and Smooth exhibition:dichotomy of British style

Tom Dixon talks about his role between furniture and fashion designer

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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MILAN DESIGN WEEK  _ It's been a couple of years now that the British designer Tom Dixon has been colonising the rooms of the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia in Milan to present his collections in Most, the creative hub, promoting forward-thinking culture, commerce and creativity.

 “The idea was to try to reflect British character, so if you think maybe Jaguar Land Rover or if you think about the afternoon or fish and chips you can see the British character have two personalities” explained Tom Dixon ”so this collection reflects these two personalities where we really like really honest old fashioned heavy material, but we also love technologies and precision and the future: it is the two together.”


The name of the collection explains the concept of the exhibition, “the rough and the smooth”, a story of opposites where we have spotted two seemingly contradictory themes. The new Eclectic by Tom Dixon collection a six-piece set all made of solid brass including a tea pot, jug, tea caddy, milk jug, sugar dish & spoon and tray.

Tom Dixon was involved in a new collaboration as fashion designer with sportswear company adidas. The base of the collection comprises two travel bag types, an experiment in capsule thinking in which luggage unclasps, unzips and unfolds to reveal multiple layers.

We have a collection here which is really about my personal problem of coming to Milan and never knowing how the weather is going to be: either hot or cold, never knowing how many clothes I can fit into my bag, so it's a capsule collection of clothes and shoes that can fit in a bag that you can get on an Easyjet flight.”