Hiroshima: Suppose Design Office's House in Yagi project

The use of wood and the entrance garden lighten the concrete structure

by Malcolm Clark
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House in Yagi, designed by Japanese architects suppose design office, is located inside a narrow area close to a small stream in Hiroshima. A structure made entirely of reinforced concrete contains a double-height lobby, above which there is an entire floor used as a living area.

The entrance lobby is designed like a garden, with a tree planted in the centre, generating a sharp contrast with the rest of the home.

From here a narrow staircase leads to the upper level, then, to the living area, where the massiveness of the reinforced concrete is lightened by plywood dividers and wooden furnishings.

A sliding glass door acts as a thermal barrier, while allowing the passage of natural light through large regular shaped windows, cut on the façades of the building.

    House in Yagi 74

    House in Yagi

    Hiroshima / Japan / 2012