Studio Vural Designs Flower-Tower in Manhattan

Named Lilly, the passive-tower promote low-energy design

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Brooklyn architecture firm Studio Vural designs Lilly, a flower-clad tower for a Bryant Park site in Manhattan, pushing the limits of sustainable, low-energy construction.


"Lilly is the future of our cities" says principal architect Selim Vural who hopes to take urban sustainability to the next level by using passive-house technologies in tower design, a step yet to be realized.


Lilly is a hybrid of 18 residential and 23 commercial floors, catering to the pandemic-generated remote workforce by providing residences integrated with co-working spaces, large conference rooms, and recreational amenities.

story imageRendering © Studio Vural.


Lilly is naturally insulated by an expansive green-roof planted with hearty, low-maintenance Asian lilies which bloom every spring and stay green the rest of the year, exhuming fresh oxygen to a polluted urban center. The offices under the green roof are naturally lit by side windows. The lower residential units get abundant natural light and air through well-insulated windows.


Lilly is heated and cooled through a geothermal system which is supported by the green roof insulation, triple-insulated glazing, and heat-exchanging air inlets. This system minimizes energy loss to unprecedented levels while providing fresh air to the interior.


"Here comes Lilly (she/her/hers). She is beautiful, she is powerful, she is a force of nature." Vural says, emphasizing the role of architecture in paving the way to a clean future. He adds: “Now it is time for Congress to pass green laws, since there is no Planet-B”.

story imageRendering © Studio Vural.





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