Atelier oï: new ways to interpret eco design

Hive ottomans new products for B&B

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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MILAN DESIGN WEEK _ The research of new way to interpret eco design represents one of the keys to understand the proposals shown during the Milan design week 2013. One of the most interesting is Hive collection designed by the Swiss studio Atelier Oï for B&B.

The aspect that captured my interest was not the idea in itself, that in any case is quite effective and provides an interesting result, but the opportunity to show how waste leather could became a resource to produce a high quality product.

"The concept is to create a material with waste cuttings of leather, because visiting B&B factory we realized that there is an enormous quantity of leather scraps that could be used, giving it back a value!” said Armand Louis of Altelier Oi.

Course materials point out the precision of crafted work and the geometry of the pattern: a hexagonal symmetry that produces motifs and figures reminiscent of a hologram.

“The project also allows craft work and especially hand work to be reconsidered”

The collection includes a range of ottomans: independent objects that can also be combined and juxtaposed in a potentially infinite series of sizes and motifs, just like the precious material that shapes and covers them.

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