Damien Gernay at Belgium is Design

The Belgian creativity at the Triennale and SaloneSatellite

by Antonella Fraccalvieri
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During Milan Design Week the young designer Damien Gernay has presented its new collections at Belgium Is Design. 

"My work is characterised by an experimental approach to the piece, the material, and the process. My approach of the object is determined by a sensitive outlook on today’s world. I attempt to translate in 3 dimensions a world of perception: touch becomes volume, visual becomes color, and frequency becomes shape. Material has its own vocabulary, I attempt to compose with it, to create my own language, based on applying, superimposing and confrontating different materials. Therefore the object gets a meaning. It evokes, insinuates, questions. Single or multiple, its meaning becomes coherent. In 2012 I co-founded the creative platform Studio With A View." Damien Gernay


Veiled Lady

The VEILED LADY collection includes, a family of table lights, floor light and chandelier inspired by a mushroom « phallus indusiatus » commonly called veiled lady.

This project take advantage of the lost wax casting technique, each piece is sculpted by hand in a wax grid, moulded in a ceramic shell, and casted in bronze. That allows creating Polymorphic objects only influence by the gesture. This experimental research explores the idea of constraint nature, or how nature find his own way in a predefined structure, I call this " organic anarchy ".



Bloated stool

The idea originates from the image of a proeminent belly, constrained by the belt, but still comfortable at it fills a round shape around it. This stool is a dialogue between a rigid structure and a flexible skin.The bloated collection is made out of sheets of leather, filled with expanded foam No complicated moulds, and no seams are used in the production, the leather inflate in a natural way, making each piece unique.



TEXTURED collection

The textured_objects collection is a research into the concrete realisation of the object through a conceptual approach. Increasingly, the object is modellised in three dimensions in order to imagine its final form.

The modeling software works in stages; first of all we modellise what is known as a neutral object, which corresponds to the form of the object and only then is its texture applied. I therefore propose to take the same approach, by creating neutral forms as they are generally represented, i.e. in white and then literally project the material, the texture, onto them.

Courtesy: Damien Gernay

    Veiled Lady 1

    Veiled Lady


    Bloated stool 5

    Bloated stool

    Belgium / 2013