Asian design goddess Winnie Zheng: design is lighting up my life.

Interview with Winnie Zheng

by F&M Media

Interview with Winnie Zheng (Chinese: 鄭韻 Zhèng Yùn). 


Winnie Zheng's works are just like her name, full of charm and aura.* 


*Chinese: 韻 (yùn): sweet music; melodious tune; charm; taste


Winnie Zheng wants to be the inheritor of Chinese traditional culture. She is reproducing five thousand years of historical heritage, keeping the best from the past, bringing traditions to the modern-day.


"I am interpreting traditional culture and modern art, making resort and recreation business attractive without losing elegance."



Queen of SPA Design

 Winnie Zheng, who loves traditional culture, has done countless hours of in-depth research and got a few unique insights. Now she's cleverly transforming them into her designs. Winnie Zheng has moved from North-East China to the South. On her way, she added her touch to the spa industry, turning boring looking pools into painting-like works of art. The organic blend of Eastern and Western cultures in her projects is genuinely astonishing. The Linshui Palace Hotel in Nanjing has "Going Back to the Tang Dynasty" as its theme. Elements such as flowers and shadows, moonshining, water curtain, as well as rich use of brick and tile in the room reflect the elegance and grace of the Han and Tang Dynasties.


In her other project Fengcheng(Taizhou), Winnie got inspired by traditional Chinese ink wash paintings. The stone matches the wood, and red represents wind. This project is eventually like an ink painting that brought together the past and the present.

Winnie says, "Spa in the North is a very mature industry. They come in all scales and tailor to a wide variety of customers. The spirit behind this industry is something to be proud of, and design quality is growing day-by-day. When it comes to the South, the characteristics of SPAs here are also quite apparent. The customers are mainly business people. The degree of enjoyment and acceptance is relatively high, and the requirements for looks and functionality are very straight-forward."


It appears that Winnie is both proficient in understanding the market's demand. Coupled with her temperament and charisma, the title of "SPA Design Queen" cannot be more appropriate, and it naturally became her nickname.



Inheritor of oriental culture

Winnie Zheng has a demanding attitude. Everything, literally everything must be as beautiful and magnificent. "I do not pursue the so-called fashion. My personal preference is the traditional Chinese style. I like old things and scenery that has a story behind it. When it comes to design, I want to revise traditional Chinese approaches.  Starting with a bigger picture and working my way to the smallest details. It is my way to let the younger generation understand and experience our culture."

In Winnie's opinion, this love of traditional culture is part of cultural inheritance, and our responsibility is to preserve and continue the history. At the same time, it is a chance subtly influence our generation and leave our mark in this world. Chinese 5 millennia-old culture subtly precipitates into one's personality. When combined with the cutting-edge design of this era, sometimes it is "turning stones into gold". Live the life you want, and you will shine. The life Winnie pursues is filled with art and freedom.

"I'm fortunate. Since I was a child, my family has tutored me in the arts. I started studying painting and calligraphy at a very young age. I chose design as my major in college. Later, I studied art as a graduate student. Until today, I have not turned away from art."

Do the work you like, let your ideals glide into reality, encourage yourself, let the inspiration drive you, recognition and applause will come.


The wise man who follows his own path

She has a full schedule, always on the go, rushing between cities. There is almost no such thing as holidays, but at the end of the year, she will take an extended vacation to relax and get fit, go abroad to have fun or go on a study tour. Winnie, who likes running and diving, says that she rarely has time to exercise, and is happy that she never feels tired at work.

Some people think that the work of a designer is very hard, but in her view, being loyal to what you love, makes the hard work worth enjoying, exploring, creating, and sharing, this is a gift given to designers by God.

Some people think that design should serve business, but she hopes that it will also do its cultural purpose.

In 2019, Winnie Zheng won several awards in competitions such as the GPDP International Design Award and the 4th American International Innovation Design Competition. She also became the ambassador of the 4th China-US International Design Exchange Exhibition.

Unwilling to be ordinary, unwilling to kneel before others, doing what she believes in, there is always light her eyes, as she is living the life she likes.


Check out Winnie Zheng's work on Archilovers: 
Traditional Chinese Style SPA in Nanjing | Winnie Zheng's Work


Winnie Zheng's Bio: 

Design Director at Jing Yun Decoration. Graduated from Eastern Liaoning University. Winnie Zheng specializes in designing interiors for SPA, saunas and resorts. She has got more than 15 years of experience and plenty of projects behind her back. Traditional Chinese culture is the main theme of her works.


2019 4th American International Innovation Design Competition Character Award

2019 TOP10 International Most Influential Designer Award
2019 The 4th American International Innovation Design Competition Club Space Silver Award
2019 The 4th American International Innovation Design Competition Club Space International Innovation Design Award
2019 The 4th China-US International Design Exchange Exhibition Exchange ambassador; certificate of honour issued by the US government
Top 10 most original designers in China’s architectural decoration industry (resorts)
Golden Diamond Award in Club Space Category of International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition
The “Design Oscar”, GPDP AWARD International Space Design Award in 2019 (France)
2019 6th GPDP AWARD, TOP100 International Influential Innovation Designer Award

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    Traditional Chinese Style SPA in Nanjing | Winnie Zheng's Work 1

    Traditional Chinese Style SPA in Nanjing | Winnie Zheng's Work

    Nanjing / China / 2020