Ronald McDonald Centre Amsterdam

sport with no architectural barriers

by Malcolm Clark
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Everyone here is champion”: This is the motto of the Ronald McDonald Centre in Amsterdam. The sports complex designed by FACT architects was created to satisfy all recreational and playing needs of disabled children.

Terrain and buildings are grandstands and sports facilities at the same time. Everyone can be both athlete and audience. At the middle of the structure there is a club house, wedged between two oval arenas surrounded by a raised terrace surrounded by trees and the grandstand”, explain the designers.

The clubhouse is for parents and children to meet, to eat and drink, watch movies, play, use the PC and also participate in all the indoor and outdoor activities of the Centre. Football, handball, basketball, tennis, volleyball and many other sports can be played in the structure which also has an athletics track, a gym, a dojo (martial arts room), playground and swimming pool with a moving floor and electronic tracking systems for monitoring potentially dangerous swimming situations.

    Ronald McDonald Centre 10

    Ronald McDonald Centre

    Amsterdam / Netherlands / 2010