Jake Henzler Knits Colorful Memories of Copenhagen’s Architecture

Also known as Boy Knits World, the artist creates knitted art inspired by the different districts of the city

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'I’ve decided to embark on a big blanket project. Architecture in Copenhagen is so distinctive. The way that rows of buildings repeat particular visual features in new combinations and colours is a bit mesmerising. Many details will be too fine to show in these small blocks, but I’m enjoying the challenge of capturing the overall look of certain buildings. Hopefully I’ll have more to show soon'.


The Australian artist Jake Henzler (also known as Boy Knits World) wrote that in his Instagram account only a month ago.


His large work called 'Copenhagen Building Blocks' celebrates the traditional, world-recognized architecture of Denmark’s capital. He began the project while living abroad in the Danish capital, using the rainbow mosaic of the cityscape as inspiration for a one-of-a-kind, quilt-like blanket. As a whole, the piece is made up of a series of six grid-like patterns, which Henzler has sewn together to form a larger piece.


Jake based each “block” of the large blanket on a different district of Copenhagen where he’d taken some architectural inspiration: Nørrebro Studios, Nørreport Offices, Østerbro Studios, Hellerup Apartments, Nyhavn Hotel, and Frederiksberg Apartments.


All of the blocks are worked in 100% cotton. If you’d like to try knitting his blocks for yourself, he sells the pattern on Ravelry.


To view more of Henzler’s work, visit his Instagram, and to buy the “Copenhagen Building Block” pattern, visit his Ravelry page


Courtesy of Boy Knits World


 Courtesy of Boy Knits World


 Courtesy of Boy Knits World



Courtesy of Boy Knits World