Copenhagen named UNESCO World Capital of Architecture 2023

The title is assigned every three years to coincide with UIA’s World Congress

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Copenhagen will be World Capital of Architecture in 2023. The title is assigned by UNESCO to the host city of the International Architectural Association UIA's World Congress taking place once every 3 years.

Copenhagen will be only the second city to bear the title, the first being Rio de Janeiro in 2020. The title of World Capital of Architecture coincides with the UIA World Congress of Architects being held in Copenhagen from the 2nd – 7th of July 2023.

The danish city won the bid to host the 2023 World Congress of Architects in 2017 after presenting an ambitious theme focusing on ‘Sustainable futures – Leave no one behind’.


CopenHill | Amager Bakke



“We are thrilled that Copenhagen is ready to become the 2023 UNESCO/UIA World Capital of Architecture and we now look forward to working out the details,” said Thomas Vonier, President of the UIA. “Copenhagen is the ideal city to follow Rio de Janeiro, offering the world a fantastic contrast in how architecture helps major global cities to meet the varying challenges of 21st century urban life,” he added.


“Architecture affects all societies. The current COVID-19 pandemic shows us how architecture and design can help us adapt in times of crisis, and to change the future for the better. Architecture can help communities to recover and rebuild, applying lessons that help to avoid future health and environmental catastrophes. Architecture is a great force for social good when we design and build responsibly,” Vonier concluded.


Mountain Dwellings 



Copenhagen is home to many architecture firms including BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group: BIG, Henning Larsen Architects, Nissen and Gehl, C.F. Møller Architects3XN Architects and many more, as well as being widely praised for its sustainable urban initiatives and projects. The city aims to become carbon neutral by 2025.


The title of World Capital of Architecture is poised to help shape the cultural agenda of Copenhagen in 2023; it will address the people of the city by highlighting examples of thoughtful, sustainable architecture and create increased public awareness.


Superkilen masterplan  





Cover image: The Silo





    CopenHill | Amager Bakke 69

    CopenHill | Amager Bakke

    Copenhagen / Denmark / 2019

    Mountain Dwellings 109

    Mountain Dwellings

    Copenhagen / Denmark / 2008

    Superkilen masterplan 235

    Superkilen masterplan

    Copenhagen / Denmark / 2012

    The Silo 102

    The Silo

    Copenhagen / Denmark / 2017