"Happy" Valentine’s Day from Banksy

The street artist confirms new Valentine's Day artwork in Bristol

by Rossana Vinci
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Banksy plays with violence and innocence in his last work appeared in Barton Hill, (Bristol) spotted on Thursday morning, the day before Valentine’s Day. He left it until midnight – the start of Valentine's Day – to announce it was his work on his official Instagram account and website.


The new mural painted on building, that almost look as a special Valentine’s Day gift to his home town, shows a small girl holding a catapult in one hand with the other hand behind her, as though she has just launched a projectile. At the end of the catapult’s trajectory is a bright red shape like a blood splatter, made of red plastic leaves and flowers.


Banksy’s street art often draws attention to social issues by adding elements of darkness to otherwise joyful scenes.

In December, the elusive artist highlighted the issue of rough sleeping with a mural showing two flying reindeer pulling a homeless man on a street-bench sleigh, in the central English city of Birmingham.



Photo Courtesy of © Banksy Official Website