Let Your Imagination Go Wild

Camille Walala unveils the vibrant and kaleidoscopic LEGO's House of Dots

by Ilaria Galliani
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A lot of colors, a lot of dots. Camille Walala, that artist who takes joy seriously, unveiled her most interactive work to date at Coal Drops Yard in London’s Kings Cross to introduce the entirely new 2D tile play concept from the LEGO Group - LEGO® DOTS.

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To tease the new product, Walala was invited to bring LEGO DOTS to life in a free public art installation that celebrates their shared values of creativity, self-expression and accessibility, expressed through the vibrant colors and bold geometric patterns of both the new product and her own signature work. 

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The result is House of Dots, a five-room fantastical house spread over eight shipping containers, in which walls, floors, rugs, frames and furniture has been customised in a mashup of the new tile play and Walala’s distinctive color-blocking style.

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Playful and immersive, House of Dots invites people to journey through a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and finally a unique DOTS DISCO room designed to celebrate self-expression and let the body flow freely with DOTS disco moves to a custom playlist from Ele Beattie.

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Camille Walala said: “It’s a joy to create a fun space where kids and adults can spontaneously express their creativity, make something beautiful and show off who they are. It captures all the exuberance and playfulness that people know me for, with something extra special: the chance to let your imagination go wild and create your own work of art. Oh, and a slide.”




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    House of Dots

    London / 2020