Open Call – Bauhaus Residency 2020

by Cecilia Di Marzo
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Gropius House is one of the New Masters‘ Houses in Dessau. © Bauhaus Dessau Foundation / Foto: Doreen Ritzau

The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and the GfZk – Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig are searching for artists working collectively for the Bauhaus Residency 2020 via a joint open call. They can live and work for three months in the Masters’ House Muche/Schlemmer. The format has been conceptually redesigned and is now entitled Gropius House || Fictional. The closing date for applications is 20 January 2020.

In the 1920s, the artists of the international avant-garde lived next door to one another in the complex of Masters’ Houses. For the first time in 90 years, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation has, since February 2016, opened the Muche / Schlemmer duplex to international artists as a living and working space. The Bauhaus Residency seeks to advance contemporary research and engagement with the legacy of the Bauhaus, revive the Masters’ Houses and, in this context, promote artworks of international significance.

Gropius House || Fictional

The focus of the programme is on the Masters’ Houses, which are not just a reminder of the past but continue to serve as a starting point for contemporary debates and positions. New ideas, experiments and work developed during the residency are all accessible to the public through presentations, studio visits, discussions, concerts and more – even during their initial development.

The programme is aimed at international artists whose work relates to the historical disciplines represented at the Bauhaus and the subsequent developments of these core disciplines – among them painting, product design, textile design, music, theatre, performance, architecture and photography.

The Bauhaus Residency comprises three different possibilities for participation: an Open Call, which is addressed to artists who are part of an artist collective and which is hosted by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation together with the GfZk – Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig; a group of invited artists and authors; and a Shared Residency for young musicians with the Kurt Weil Fest GmbH.

Each of these three formats has its own publicly accessible space at the Bauhaus: The musicians of the Shared Residency present their work at the Moholy-Nagy House, the artists of the Open Call exhibit on the upper floor of the Gropius House and the invited artists and authors get to design the ground floor of the Gropius House.

Artworks and artistic processes create specific new ways of seeing the world; in this sense, they are fictional. The meaning of fiction is revealing in this regard: originally derived from the Latin verb ‘fingere,’ it means nothing other than ‘to shape, form, invent.’

Artists’ work often explores how meaning and value are constituted in a specific present. Focusing on this investigation, “Gropius House: Fictional” presents collective forms of art making.

Closing date for applications 20 January 2020.

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