Annebet Philips at Tuttobene’s exposition in Milan

by Antonella Fraccalvieri
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MILAN DESIGN WEEK_From 9-14 April Tuttobene, the Dutch platform for young design talent, will present 'Retro/Perspective', a 10-year jubilee exposition during the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Tuttobene presents 27 designers right in the heart of the Zona Tortona. During this year’s exhibition, visitors can have a taste of the work of new talents together with established names who exhibited in one of the previous Tuttobene editions.


Within this exposition Annebet Philips will show her project "My Couch, my Canvas'


About the project:

The project ‘My couch, my canvas’ shows seating furniture with cushions and foam form melted together in one piece. A canvas slipcover can be draped on top and will cover the sofa entirely. Only the bold painted outlines on the cotton canvas cover draw out a suggestion of separation between seats and pillows.

About the designer:

At first glance, the designs of Annebet Philips are characterized by bold shapes, humor and graphic elements. But upon taking a closer look look, one will discover that the playful objects result from a creative way of logical reasoning and hide a well-considered concept.