Feminine symbol as a starting point for Restaurant Concept

How we deveploped a successful concept for a restaurant with Russian contemporary cuisine

by Anastasia Kaspary
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The feminine symbol of Russian Beauty has become a starting point for design concept of the Varvara Cafe. This symbol includes many sub-symbols that are translated through ornaments, embroidery, deco elements and color combinations.

We are speaking about Russian culture in contemporary language using traditional codes - cross stitch, ornaments and elements from Russian fairy tales. These elements of design are performed on rough concrete textures and historical brick walls.

We integrated gold firebird’s feathers painted manually on dark blue background for stucco walls decoration.  Brick walls are painted in tender milky-white color. Following the concept of Varvara - Russian woman symbol -  we placed deco elements on the walls - typical Russian women head bijou kokoshnik made of cutlery.


Color choice is based on Russian traditional broidery. Cherish color combination of bright red and green in furniture - green tabletop with brass end, red armchairs and green velvet sofas.

Typically for historical Moscow buildings, the ceiling of Varvara Cafe is not high. Still we should have needed to make it lawer to set up an air-conditioning system. We were looking for an appropriate decision that would fulfil functional tasks and make design attractive. The decision was found in decorating the ceiling with 180 round lamps made from perforated sheets designed and made especially for the project.


    Varvara Cafe 50

    Varvara Cafe

    Moscow / Russian Federation / 2017