Atelier de Troupe

If there’s an ’anti-design’ wave surging, ’count us in

by Frederic Gaillard

Founded in 2011 by the cinema decorator Gabriel Abraham and based in Los Angeles, Atelier de Troupe is an audacious multidisciplinary design studio at this opposite of conventional. 

To made lighting and furnitures at the forefront of originality, modernity and innovation, Atelier de Troupe doubles its imagination. 

Inspiring by Bauhaus movement, Italian cinema from 60’s and French decoration and by using precious metals and artisanal techniques such as blown glass that the studio offers unique pieces with timeless charm. 

As its name says , Atelier de Troupe believes with conviction that best design is the result of collaboration and therefore favors teamwork. The studio likes unearth talents, discovers new trends, new conception processes and multiply partnerships with designers - novice or experienced -.

Amazed by the state of mind of Atelier de Troupe, we propose you today the selection of our favorites products, obviously all entirely handmade.

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