The ex hay store now holiday home "Föhr" by Francesco Di Gregorio and Karin Matz

Pine, blue polypropylene rope and 3,200 tiles perforated by hand

by Malcolm Clark
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An old hay store in FÖHR, Germany, was the subject of restoration and renovation work carried out by Italian-Swedish architects Francesco Di Gregorio and Karin Matz, who transformed the barn into a holiday home.

The project retained the original brick structure with a thatched roof, while the interiors were completely restyled: three elements were used to renovate the spaces, that is 3,200 ceramic tiles perforated by hand, 500 metres of blue polypropylene rope and treated pine.

There are no corridors connecting one room to the other, but distributed spaces and lobbies were created as inhabitable spaces, which converge in the living area. In keeping with the Nordic tradition for the sleeping area, blue wooden panelling was chosen with translucent doors that illuminate the passageways.

The use of ceramics, alternating with wood, alludes to the historical foundation of a sailing school  in the area of Föhr, which, thanks to the journeys of exploration in Asia, permitted knowledge and dissemination of this material in the German island of NordFriesland as far back as the seventeenth century.

    Föhr 86


    Alkersum / Germany / 2012