The Cartography of the Sky

Matthias Jung creates surreal buildings by the collage technique

by Rossana Vinci
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How can that house fly? Without any wings, motors and balloons?

Germany-based artist and designer Matthias Jung — who works under the name Zabadu — creates surreal flying buildings by the collage technique. 

Titled "The cartography of the sky", his new "House" series depicts imaginary houses made of little pieces taken from photos, flying in the skies. 

The series depicts finely stitched architectural facades against the picturesque landscapes of Northern Germany to create surreal architecture.

My grandfather was a spice dealer


Commencing as a childhood pastime in his father's photo lab, his passion for collaging has evolved into his career as a designer and artist.

For Jung, “the composition of the individual elements correlates to a logic, as if in a dream.” “Basically,” he argues, “dreams are collages”.

In his work, the relationship between order and disorder, and homogeneity and diversity, must find a degree of harmony.


Searching for the enchanted whale


You promised me a gingerbread heart 


“Collages have fascinated me ever since I was a child. It all began in the photo lab of my father. With scissors and glue, the first fantastic buildings were made. Basically, I don’t do anything differently nowadays. I cut apart my pho- tos and make them into new shapes.

The digital possibilities in the realm of image processing have led many to be artistically impressed with Photoshop. I don’t want that. The computer pro- gram is only a tool. It should not determine the content. My pictures should reflect reality” explains the artist.

Land of evening


“I am always amazed at how architectural details can evoke certain associations and feelings. This is how a latticed window conveys coziness; one might even say it is soulful. Framework is soothing, sometimes touching. Antennas have something sinister about them. They point to something outside the picture. Concrete is cold and foreign – but maybe interesting for just that reason” explains Jung.

The end of numbers


Lord Kumulus and the journey to the Blue Moon 


We were still alive when the gardener came


Long after the anger we made a world trip


Cloudgardener, did you fall in love?


All was power






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