World’s best Architecture: the ultimate Guide

The new Lonely Planet’s book reveals 120 places that architecture lovers can't miss

by Rossana Vinci
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Travelers from all over the world know that sometimes, buildings are the reason we decide to go somewhere and see the world’s most incredible buildings from close up; think of an icon such as Bilbao's Guggenheim and Cambodia's Angkor Wat temple complex.

From Eiffel Tower to Oscar Niemeyer's spaceship-shaped art museum in Brazil, the new Lonely planet’s guide named Amazing Architecture: A Spotter's Guide reveals 120 of the world's great human constructions that architecture lovers can't miss.

Each entry includes a brief introduction, who designed it and when it was built, plus a map to help you plan a visit. Packed with facts, maps and photos, it's a fun and fascinating introduction to the sublime, the strange and everything in between. 

Angkor Wat Temple Complex in Cambodia; Ph. © Minority Nomad



The book is perfect for anyone interested in learning about many of the world's greatest architectural sites, from iconic buildings—such as the Eiffel Tower and Chrysler Building—to lesser-known structures, including Portugal’s Arquipélago Contemporary Arts Centre and Hang Nga Guesthouse.

Grand entrance of the Masjid-I Imam or Shah Mosque; Ph. ©Ravi Tahilramani/Getty Images



Famous, weird and wonderful places include: Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania The Crooked House in Sopot, Poland Shah Mosque in Esfahan, Iran Skara Brae in Orkney, Scotland Towers of San Gimignano, Italy Roman Baths in Bath, UK Ayutthaya temple complex, Thailand The Winter Palace, St Petersburg, Russia Millau Viaduct, southern France Chrysler Building, New York, USA Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies The mud-made Agadez Mosque, Niger.


Palácio Nacional da Pena (Sintra, Portugal) Ph.© Kenneth Dedeu/Shutterstock


The Pompidou Centre (Paris, France) Ph. © Pics Factory/Shutterstock







Cover photo: Palácio Nacional da Pena (Sintra, Portugal) Ph. © Tatiana Popova/Shutterstock