Concrete, Pastel Hues and Circles

The spanish restaurant inspired by Giorgio Morandi still life paintings

by Rossana Vinci
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CASAPLATA  is a restaurant and cocktail bar in the very center of Seville, where a lot of restaurants are looking for a historical revival from the past. In contrast, the project by Lucas y Hernández-Gil Arquitectos is betting on the future, avoiding nostalgia in favour of creating something totally fresh.

Founded in 2007 in Madrid, through the collaboration of the architects Cristina Domínguez Lucas and Fernando Hernández-Gil, the studio tries to discover a story where all the elements fit together in every project.



The Architects were inspired by pastel-tinged still lifes of the italian painter Giorgio Morandi, featuring "strong colour pieces that stand out over a silver grey atmosphere".

Casaplata – which takes over a former coffee shop at the base of a 1970s building – channels the same colour palette, with soft hues coming from furniture by Kresta Design set against concrete walls and flooring.


Giorgio Morandi - Still life, Private Collection (1946) on display at Tate Modern.


The boundaries between the bright objects arranged on a serenely-colored canvas are blurred, and the space is only divided visually. 

Set in a Retrofuturistic aesthetic, the materials are shown to the user in a clean way. The neutrality of exposed concrete is contrasted with a palette of electric colors used in furniture, and at night, with a neon lighting, which manages to color it.

The geometric figure protagonist, the circle, is used in the main lighting, but also to generate and open new perspectives and views inside the restaurant through gaps and mirrors. It is also the protagonist in chairs and tables.



All photos by © Juan Delgado




    Seville / Spain / 2017