The private pools’ architecture

Villa Noaille shows the most extraordinary pools from Alvar Aalto to MVRDV

by Valentina Ieva
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The villa Noailles continues its exploration of cultural architectures specific to spaces intended for entertainment.

The 2018 architecture exhibition, entitled “Domestic Pools”, focuses  upon private swimming pools.

From their initial appearance in modern homes — for which the villa Noailles serves as a notable example — to the utmost contemporary experimentations, this exhibition shows the architectural devices employed for bathing.

The exhibition covers both vernacular and industrial types of private pools whose technical innovations have progressively rendered them accessible to the middle classes.

Focusing exclusively upon this new room which has left its mark on twentieth century
architecture, the exhibition explores the culture and the representations which private swimming pools have constructed.


Including projects by: Alvar Aalto, Manuel Aires Mateus , Andreas Angelidakis, Arquitectonica, Estudio Barozzi Veiga, Ricardo Bofill, Richard England,Ensamble Studio, Didier Faustino, FMAU, Albert Frey, Adolf Loos, Robert Mallet-Stevens, Julien Montfort, Julia Morgan, MVRDV, Office KGDVS, OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Philippe Rahm, Thomas Raynaud, SO-IL, PEZO VON ELLRICHSHAUSEN.

OMA Rem Koolhaas
Villa dall’Ava
Saint-Cloud, France, 1984-1991
photographie de plateau, film d'Hans Werlemann - Hectic Pictures, 1991

SOLO House
Projet réalisé pour la collection
de résidences secondaires SOLO
Houses lancée par Christian Bourdais,
SOLO Gallery
Cretas, Espagne, 2009-2013
Vue intérieure, étage 1 © Pezo von Ellrichshausen, 2009-2013

Barozzi Veiga
SOLO House
Projet conçu pour la collection de résidences
secondaires SOLO Houses lancée par
Christian Bourdais, SOLO Gallery
Cretas, Espagne, 2015

Adolf Loos Maison pour Joséphine Baker Paris, France, 1927
(non réalisée)
maquette 1/100 réalisée par Véranie Jeune pour l'exposition, 2017.
Collection villa Noailles


Family House, Mont-ras, Girona, Spain. Ricardo Bofill © Lluis Carbonell


The villa Noailles has commissionned the young French photographer Romain Laprade, who signed an unreleasedseries of the Alain Capeillères’ swimming pool, made in September 2017. At the beginning of the 1970s, the architect Alain Capeillères created a pool for his summer home, in Six-Fours-les- Plages. Covered with more than 100 000 white ceramic tiles, this curved architectural setting houses a central pool which is 25 meters long. This oversized, open-air building, appears like its own world, a white oasis inhabited by the shadows of the surrounding landscape.

Images: Alain Capeillères, Le Brusc, Six-Fours-les-Plages © Romain Laprade, 2017

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