Art installation by Marco Piva for Cristalplant

Temporary Museum for new Design at Superstudio Più

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2013 _ Marco Piva has designed the 2013 art installation for Cristalplant and Falper, which takes place at Superstudio Più - Temporary Museum for New Design,  during the Design Week (9/14 April 2013).

The space structure for Cristalplant® and Falper can be ideally divided into two parts.
Stepping into, an open area will show the prototypes of the winning projects, whereas the proposals that received honorable mentions will be displayed on the walls by some plasma screens. The entire perimeter is formed by a series of wallboard whose, harmonic and yet linear arrangement recalls a kind of "metropolitan dynamism".

The play of light and projections, making the scenery unique, shall take visitors into a dreamlike atmosphere, making them protagonists in a metropolis in constant evolution.
This project comes out of the classical schemes, deliberately, in the desire to represent the best spirit of young designers and their innovation.
 Ever-changing and flexible space, which shows infinite dynamics: spaces, forms and, above all, tomorrowʼs designers.

The objective of the Cristalplant® Design Contest 2013 was to involve young designers, who have staked their creative spirit to create cutting-edge products using the Cristalplant® as a base material of products inspired by the Falperʼs style.

The winners and honorable mentions for the two proposed categories, indoor and outdoor bathroom for contract sectors, will be awarded, at the Cristalplant® and Falper exhibition space at Superstudio Più, April 10, 2013 at 7 pm in the presence of the jury and of senior management. The winning projects will then be included in the Falperʼs catalogue.

Superstudio Più
Via Tortona, 27