Design Ah!

Design Mind: physical ability to unconsciously determine the adequacy of the things around us!

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21_21 DESIGN SIGHT (Tokyo), the gallery designed by Tadao Ando, holds the exhibition  Design Ah!” until 2nd June 2013. It takes the educational program “Design Ah!” on NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai) educational channel one step further into an exhibition.

The exhibition theme is “Design Mind.” Along with clairvoyance and creativity, the physical ability to unconsciously determine the adequacy of the things around us is an integral element for carrying on with our daily lives. Here, we call the capabilities honed by these two aspects as the “Design Mind.”

As we enter an age of instant access to giant pools of information, how we go beyond passiveness and willingly feel, choose, and broaden our minds toward the things that matter in our lives is becoming an issue of ever-greater importance. This is also an indication of the need for every one of us to nurture a prosperous Design Mind.

Room of objects, sounds and movies, tha ltd. + Cornelius

To foster a Design Mind among our children of tomorrow. And for adults too, to foster a Design Mind while holding on to receptiveness. This exhibition introduces many ideas for fostering a Design Mind through works that visitors can experience with their entire body by using audio and footage.

This exhibition is directed by Taku Satoh, general director of NHK educational channel “Design Ah!” along with Yugo Nakamura and Keigo Oyamada also involved in the program. The exhibition is organized in two parts to experiencing this exhibition for children and adults alike in today’s age when the world’s eyes focus on the potential of design education.

Origami, Taku Satoh Design Office+ Origata Design Institute

"Design is nothing special; it blends into our daily lives. There is not one thing in our lives that can remain strangers to design. Design is not just about the way things around us are shaped or about how cultures are passed on. Design is an integral element of human interaction; for politics, economy,medicine, science, and social activity. That is why the ways that we build our design mind will become all the more important for each and every one of us as we face the future. For children, our future adults and the already adults of today, for politicians and top corporate managers; I ask them all to build a greater Design Mind." explains the director Taku Satoh.

Room of objects, sounds and movies, tha ltd. + Cornelius

"This is an exhibition that fosters sensitivity and imagination through design." said Keigo Oyamada "See, hear, touch, and experience the various Ah! that lay hidden around us".

The exhibition includes, among others, the works of Yosuke Abe (tha l td.), the graphic designer Tomohiro Okazaki and Origata Design Institute.

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