São Paulo: comfort and privacy in Casa K by Arthur Casas

A skin of perforated metal panels “dresses” the whole structure

by Malcolm Clark
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Casa K in São Paulo, Brazil was designed by Studio Arthur Casas for a young couple with children. The client wanted to completely renovate an existing structure to obtain comfort and privacy in a very dense urban environment.

The division of space proposed is very simple: the garage, service areas and home theatre in the basement, kitchen, dining room and living room on the ground floor, bedrooms on the first floor. A great deal of the structure was changed, but most of the openings were retained, although they were unified by a surface coating.

The client is a stylist and stimulated the imagination of the designers by giving them the job of thinking up the different ways of “dressing” the house. Arthur Casas chose perforated metal panels with a basic pattern in the shape of a leaf. In this way the proximity of the neighbours becomes more tolerable and in the spaces an interesting relationship is created with the variations of the sun. On the one hand panels filter the light, on the other a patio has been created to bring light to the basement and a slit has been created above the stairs to light up the vertical garden. The master bedroom has a large window opening out on the back yard, where the landscape creates a small urban haven. A water tank accentuates the feeling of openness in the garden. Sliding doors allow different modulations between the dining room, hall and pantry, giving flexibility to the house. The large sliding windows in the living room integrate the space with the garden.

Studio Arthur Casas created the interior design project, designed some furniture and adapted some objects from the 1950s inherited by the client.

Casa K is included in the urban environment as a monolith, in which, however, there are broadly diversified spaces that integrate private and public functions, always taking care of the tranquillity requested by the client.

    Casa K 99

    Casa K

    São Paulo / Brazil / 2012