Top Coffee House Interiors from Around the World

by Liza Gonjalwis
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Coffee houses are some of the best places to appreciate a light meal and a soothing cup of coffee. Most coffee houses make you appreciate art and beauty through their interesting interior designs.


Coffee houses possess a charming, neutral, coffee color-resembling atmosphere in specific themes and styles, like that of wynwood cafes.


We’ve scoured all over the internet to set the list of amazing coffee houses with the best interior designs. Be sure to have a warm cup of delightful coffee before reading on.


D'Espresso of New York, USA

First on the list is a treat for book lovers all over the world. D’Espresso is a small coffee house in New York that easily passes for a library with a unique interior. This is made possible with Manhattan-based company, Nemaworkshop. The library concept is merely an illusion–a gigantic-scaled image of full bookshelves printed on custom tiles. And it’s the perfect coffee house to bring your favorite book to and enjoy warm coffee while reading. Aside from the interesting bookish tiles, this coffee house also has faux-ceiling lights that stick out from its walls!


Slowpoke espresso of Melbourne, Australia

Employing the interior prowess of French designer, Sasufi, the Slowpoke Cafe in Melbourne, Australia, made use of recycled timber for the walls and recycled floorboards for its tabletops. Sprawled across the length of one side of the wall is a long blackboard that shows their available food and drink options. The impressive 12-meter walls are made from timber offcuts of different sizes, which had been collected from local furniture manufacturers.


Bar Topolski of London, UK

Located in one of the most visited cities in the entire world, this cafe-bar features the amazing art of Polish artist, Feliks Topolski. These include paintings and drawings of famous people, such as Elvis Presley and King George V to name a few. Aside from enjoying a warm cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine, you can also brush up on some of your art history!


Cafe Ki  of Tokyo, Japan

This coffee house in Tokyo is known for its monochrome interiors and minimalist style, made possible by Id Inc. Ki stands for tree in the Japanese language, and this is reflective of the coffee house’s design elements. Black minimalist steel trees make up the legs of the tables. They also function as hangers for hats, bags, and coats. The simplicity and cleverness of the interiors are enough to make a coffee lover feel Zen and peaceful all over.


Bar Luce of Milan, Italy

Who knew that Wes Anderson, one of the most celebrated filmmakers of all time, is also a coffee shop owner and interior designer? With his amazing eye for detail and kitsch cinematic signatures, most of us know a Wes Anderson creation when we see one. This beautiful coffee house in Milan, Italy is a must-see for all movie-buffs. It incorporates pastel tones, speckled floors, a 1950s diner-reminiscent jukebox and his signature decorative panels.




It’s certainly a comfort to know that no matter which country you go to, there’s always a fun and comfortable coffee house for you to just unwind and bask in the presence of amazing interiors.

    D'Espresso 73


    New York / United States / 2010

    Slowpoke espresso 218

    Slowpoke espresso

    Fitzroy, Melbourne / Australia / 2011

    Topolski 15


    London / United Kingdom / 2013

    Cafe Ki 33

    Cafe Ki

    Setagaya / Japan / 2013