Gourmanization of the space

Alternative architectural competition organised by NMAXU

by Malcolm Clark
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The competition to design a terrace/veranda of the restaurant "Buffet" in Yaroslavl a city about 250 kilometres north east of Moscow on the Volga river has been organised by NMAXU along with the “Buffet” restaurant, the architectural portal www.cih.ru and the YaSTU department of architecture. Archilovers is media partner.

The size of veranda has to be 25 × 3m and must have a capacity of 60 people. The veranda or terrace will be roofed and glazed and projects must include a design of separate pavilions for 6-8 people. The construction budget is 10,0000 euros

Architects are asked to prepare delicious architecture beyond typology, functions, rules and regulations, and not be carried away by fast food in the form of American roadside diners.

The competition consists of 2 parts:

a Conceptual part in which participants are invited to make sketches of their vision of interaction between architecture and food for the exhibition and publication and a Project for realization with a design for a terrace/veranda and summer pavilions of the cafe + additional drawings. Sketches of interior and exterior lighting and of interior furniture and fixtures

The best works will be longlisted in the following categories:

The best in the light architecture (snacks)

The best basic architecture (hot)

The best dessert in the architecture.

The project must include:

- a main image - the cover of the project

- plans, sections and elevations at scale of 1:50 or 1:100

- other images including sketches, exterior and interior pictures, day or night views

- sketch schemes - functional / design / technology, circuit nodes, building materials, infographics: course of your thoughts, expressed graphically.

- adescription of the project, if necessary with illustrations.

- a filled in application form

- any additional material at the author's discretion like videos (AVI / MOV).

Each participant can send an unlimited number of works.

The Prizes are:

1st place: realization of the project (summer, 2013)

1-3 best projects: vouchers for the "Buffet" restaurant (5000 rub. = $170)

Longlisted projects: exhibition, publication on the contest website, press and on the sites of our media partners. Additional prizes will be announced soon.

Further information can be found from the organisers here