Tetrarc Architectes creates the Paloma contemporary music centre

A prismatic geometry clad with zinc on the outskirts of Nîmes

by Malcolm Clark
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French office TETRARC architectes has built a new centre dedicated to contemporary music on the outskirts of Nîmes. It is Paloma, a new building designed to accommodate two concert halls, twelve recording studios, residences for the artists, administrative offices and a club-restaurant.

Paloma is characterized by a multi-faceted geometry:
a monumental prism clad with zinc has a big screen on the front which previews the scheduled events or performances taking place to the public outside.

The interiors, especially the foyer, the stairs and the patio, are characterized by the choice of colours alluding to the art of bullfighting, like the shades of yellow and purple, to which are added the images projected on the walls of the main room that portray the viewers of an arena.

Tetrarc has decided to make a tribute to the visual art of the French artistic group, Supports-Surfaces, which is apparent in the diagonal stripes on the side of the patio, while references to sixties design can be found in the furniture of the restaurant and in the artists' residences.



    Paloma 15


    Nîmes / France / 2012