Guerrilla Lego

Street art by Jan Vormann

by eleonora usseglio prinsi
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"I don't enjoy living in dull and grey cities. Do you? Have you noticed that toys for kids are generally very shiny and colorful? I wonder why that is, given that they are to be brought up to live in mostly dull and gray cities as adults." Jan Vormann's Manifesto

The German artist, Jan Vormann solved this problem traveling around the world with his pockets full of small plastic colorful bricks to fix walls, sidewalks and monuments.

Belgrade (Serbia) _ On top: Bocchignano (Italy)

Now his street art installations are became a movement. All over the world people start to to seal fissures in broken walls. 

Dispatchwork project collects images from cities around the globe, opening a creative platform, which collects photos of spontaneous intervention. In fact these urban installations stimulate the participation to anyone anywhere. Some of these works were part of events as "20 Eventi" in Bocchignano (Italy) and a solo exhibition in Berlin supported by jarmuschek + partner.

Nabeul city (Tunisia)

Tel Aviv (Israel)

Arnsberg (Germany)

Taipei (China)

Aarhus (Denmark)

Lausanne (Switzerland)

Image courtesy Jan Vormann