X House: Eduardo Cadaval and Clara Solà-Morales' home

The project in Cabrils is the result of a constructive experiment

by Malcolm Clark
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The design of X House by cadaval & solà-morales architects is the result of a constructive experiment: the technique usually employed for large-scale infrastructure construction, for bridges and tunnels, was reduced scale to meet the needs of residential architecture.

The fact of using a mixed construction technique, based on the use of high density concrete, as well as of unilateral formwork, allowed a high capacity of resistance of the concrete to be obtained in an extremely short time.

X House is perched on top of a hill in Cabrils, near Barcelona. The site on which the house was built is characterized by a steep slope and is accessible via a very narrow and steep road.

The house is on two levels. The upper level has been designed to accommodate the more private spaces of the house, designed  as a suite with double bed, wardrobe, bathroom-laundry and a study.

The lower level is characterized by a clear distinction between the front and back of the residence: the former is designed to be completely open, with a floor to ceiling living space, the has internal courtyards which prevent introspection, while affording views of the sea, of the mountains and of the valley.

    X House 89

    X House

    Cabrils / Spain / 2012