Top 10 astonishing tree houses only architect geniuses could build

Tree houses from all over the world you need to see

by Helen Sheplyakova
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The modern concept of tree houses is far away from limiting them to exciting playgrounds most children beg their parents to build.

What used to be the place for children to hide from their parents and escape from the reality by pretending to be an amazing explorer, a brave sailor or a fearless pirate turned into the peak or carpenters’ and architects’ art, the perfect place for a getaway and the dream home rare people decide to build and live in.

Environmental enthusiasts and people who’re willing to go back to their roots and spend their lives away from the roaring crowd, but among the tranquility of the forest, are even striving to build tree house villages and establish eco-friendly tree house communities, which are able to sustain their needs without depending on the outside world and its resources.  

The design ideas range from creating a comfortable eco-friendly resort or home that brings its inhabitants closer to nature and helps them relieve the stress of their busy lives to constructing grand-looking luxurious buildings, implementing the most outstanding design decisions and building something that resembles the shots of fantasy movies and overrides people’s imagination.

The size of the structures, the fact that it’s the trees of the chosen area that determine the architect’s projects and decisions, limiting his imagination and opening the opportunities he wouldn’t even think of, the materials used to build them, additional breathtaking features, the way the tree house blends into its surroundings and the interior design that makes them even more special proves that only the most experienced and passionate carpenters, architects and builders are able to overcome the challenges involved in building a gem of a tree house.

Just think about the knowledge that has to be put into choosing the trees that will hold the house for the longest time possible and ensuring that it’s safe for people to stay in.

These are the most astonishing tree houses from all over the globe. You’d agree to give up your life to be able to live in them. At least I would.

The gems of modern tree houses


This 100-foot tall five-story grand tree house with a church tower was built by Minister Horace Burgess in Crossville, Tennessee. While being the tallest tree house in the country and possibly in the whole world, it was relatively inexpensive to build, as Burgess used only reclaimed wood and repurposed materials for its construction. However, it took him about 14 years to finish it and he still works on improving the structure and its interior.


This Alnwick Garden Treehouse, located in Northumberland, the UK, built from cedar and pine, is a complex of multiple buildings, connected by walkways and rope bridges, opened to the visitors of the largest gardens in Europe. It features a restaurant capable of hosting 120 people and different facilities to entertain the guests.


No, it's not the house from the most powerful Queen of Elves from The Lord of the Rings. It's the Roost Treehouse designed by Antony Gibbon and built by carpenters to copy the natural forms and incorporate the buildings into the natural landscape so that they blend with the forest and look like they always belonged there. The observation deck connecting the three buildings is a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the old forest.



This tree house in Banos, Equador, doesn't represent the complicated architecture and looks like an ordinary children's playground the dad cobbled together over the weekend. But, it's the fact that it's located on the edge of the hill rising 2,660 meters above the sea level and the swing, which allows the visitors experience something that feels like the flight above the edge of the world, that makes this tree house just as special and one of a kind as the rest on the list.



This is Yellow Treehouse Restaurant constructed on a 40-meter-tall tree in Auckland, New Zealand. The unique shape, the fact that the architect decided to leave the walls semi-opened, a long pathway and incredible nighttime lighting make this treehouse the most romantic place you need to choose if you’d like to take your date to the forest.


3-story fairytale treehouse in the midst of British Columbia (Canada) forests. Each story is a separate building constructed on individual platforms and connected by spiral ladders.



The Hotel Costa Verde - one of the most unusual hotels located in Costa Rica. The architect put an old Boeing 727 on a pedestal and combined it with the tropical jungle pedestal. The building itself and its luxurious interiors with hand-carved wooden furniture make this tree house an ultimate holiday destination.


Sci-fi UFO treehouse hotel in the Sweedish forests - the perfect place to share your getaway with the extraterrestrials.



Beach Rock Treehouse, the portal to the Universe, - a part of the Japanese resort in the Okinawa forests, which manages to withstand a powerful typhoon.


This tree house features 78 entrances for the birds and one entrance for people at the opposite wall, which makes it the perfect spot for bird observation in Momofuku Ando nature center in Komoro, Japan.




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