Belgrade: “Supermarket Concept Store” by Remiks Architects

A 1400 square meters former discount supermarket becomes a flexible place to promote design

by Malcolm Clark
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The Supermarket Concept Store in Belgrade was designed by Remiks and has revitalized the 1400 square meters of an old discount supermarket, creating a flexible space intended mainly for promoting the activity of young designers.

The Supermarket concept store stands out for its minimalist and at the same time vintage look, where the original artefacts have become new displays, as in the case of an old Volkswagen van, while the fairfaced concrete, enhanced by a multitude of cables at the ends of which there are white light bulbs, provides a visual backdrop to the fashion and design collections.

Supermarket concept store opened in Belgrade in 2008 and was the first concept store in Serbia, created by the founders of design firm Remiks, Maja Lalic and Aleksandar Spasojevic, as a creative place where innovative ideas and content could be produced, but also to promote local emerging talent.

Within the restored spaces different functional areas have been created starting from the restaurant area with a wine bar, cocktail bar and chocolate bar; through the exhibition area for setting up exhibitions, retrospectives and cultural events; up to the wellness area and the solely commercial area.

    Supermarket Concept Store 138

    Supermarket Concept Store

    Belgrade / Serbia / 2008