Mario Corea won the competition for the New Trade Fair Building in Mendoza, Argentina

by Cecilia Di Marzo
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03/01/2013 - The competition for the New trade fair building in Mendoza, Argentina has been won by architects Mario Corea and Eugenio Tioni.


In spite of the fact that the site for the project is located in Mendoza's main municipal park, the winning proposal is based on the role of the building in the construction of the city, rather than approaching the project as an isolated object in the middle of a green zone.


The building is conceived as a series of modules that are placed along a pedestrian street. Each of these modules is composed of an open area and a covered area both of which are used as exhibition spaces. Along the pedestrian street there are services such as restaurants and restrooms, as well as the main entrances to the exhibition spaces.


The green strip between the surrounding housing and the fair building has been maintained, articulating the relationship between the two. By acting as a threshold, this area of the park facilitates the transition between the residential area and the trade fair zone.

Source: Pati Nùñez Agency

    New trade fair building 26

    New trade fair building

    Mendoza / Argentina / 2012