Attractions in Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev Top Attractions

by Billa Rinson

There is a huge number of attractions in Kiev that make inspection of Kiev very fun. When you decide to go to Kiev, take one of the guides of the tour agency "OLK". They are really fun and pros in the city's history. You may chose any route you want and even change it if you have such desire. When having one of such tours, I was impressed by the following two places that I recommend you to visit too.

Golden Gate

Real historical sites are of an age about 1,000 years.

On the "Landscape alley" there remained ancient banks, which served for the defense of Kiev. In the same place archaeologists have discovered the foundations of the princely palace. There have been found  ruins of the famous Golden Gate and the remains of ancient Lyadsky gate.

Dormition Cathedral of Kiev- Pechersk Laura

Pechersk Laura is a prominent landmark and one of the main pilgrimage sites of all the guests of Kiev, both believers and atheists.

Besides Kiev- Pechersk Laura, there are several important Orthodox shrines, which are not to be missed when travelling to Kiev.

Firstly, it is the foundation of the Tithe church, built under the patronage of Vladimir the Baptist.

Secondly, it is St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Michael's Monastery and St. Volodymyr's Cathedral which is a storehouse of unforgettable impressions.